Google Apps

Google Apps

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What is Google Apps for Education? 
Google Apps is comprised of multiple applications that include email, calendars, documents, sites, and more.
All the apps are accessible online via Google and can be used from anywhere with internet access. Login in tips are to the right.

The school gets 25GB of email storage (per user), 5GB of file storage (per user), and 100GB of website storage for the district.

Google offers these services FREE to education organizations.

How are we using Google Apps?
We're using Google Apps in a lot of ways, but we're still early in our move. Below are just a few ways we use Google.
  • Gmail - Staff and students have access to a school controlled email account where archiving, filtering and other features are available.
  • Google Docs - Staff and students can use Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms and Drawings to create, edit and share docs. 
    • Google Docs is all online and can be accessed from anywhere. These tools also include real-time collaboration for distance learning.
  • Sites - Our staff is using this to create websites for 'E-days' (online make-up days). Sites is also being used to host other websites for the school. 
  • Forms - Google Forms can be used to create surveys to gather feedback. We've used this with our staff, students and parents already.
  • File Storage/Sharing - Everyone has 1Gb* of storage in Google where they can store all kinds of files. These files can be shared with other users inside the district as well.
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