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District Re-Fortification Plan
  • FRLS will implement recommended safety protocols to the highest degree possible.

  • FRLS will work closely with the MCHD to promote safety in each school building.

  • FRLS will be transparent with all stakeholders that some level of risk will always be present when students and school district employees occupy school district facilities.

  • FRLS recognizes the need for consistency in areas of operations, while recognizing that individual differences in classroom sizes, school facilities, and building operations may lead to some inconsistencies.

Position Available: Part Time PreSchool Aide & Cafeteria / Recess Monitor
Position Available: Part Time PreSchool Aide & Cafeteria / Recess Monitor T-Th (3 Days/week) from 11:20-3:30pm
Classified applications can be found HERE: Classified Appliction
Please send completed application and resume to Mrs Kelli Thobe via email at [email protected] or by mail:
Mrs Kelli Thobe
PO Box 604
Fort Recovery, OH 45848 
Fort Site Journal *Spring Edition*
FRLS "Oh The Places You'll Go"
Middle School Awards Banquet
Elem End of Year Schedule 2019-2020 / Device Turn In
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132nd Annual Alumni Banquet
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8th Grade DC Trip UPDATE
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ERL Extended through 5/1/20 / Admin Team Updates
Online Preschool Registration Information
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Corona Virus Information / Update

Today, Sunday, March 22, 2020, the Ohio Director of Health, under the authorization of Governor DeWine, issued a stay at home order for the State of Ohio. Fort Recovery Local Schools will continue to serve as the primary PK-12, educational organization for our school community. On Monday, we will continue utilizing the Emergency Remote Learning Plan with no changes at this time. 

As previously stated, the first item on the Parents/Students tab of the district website is labeled CoronaVirus INFO / Emergency Remote Learning. It is there that you will find links, resources and information specific to the Fort Recovery ERL Plan. 

As we strive to meet the educational needs of our students, teaching staff members will continue to be available electronically each weekday through the current closure period, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and again from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Our entire school staff will provide responsive interaction from school or through their work-from-home connections. Please continue to monitor our website and social media pages for updates during this school closure period. 

School district emails will be the most direct line of communication for parents, guardians and students if your question is not addressed on our website and social media pages. Starting tomorrow, our district and school phones will remain connected, however, they will be used for incoming voicemail messages only. 

Last week, approximately 40% of our free and reduced students participated in our School Closure Lunch Program at the EMS building. We are waiting for further guidance from the state agencies on whether this service is permitted to continue under the “Stay at Home” order issued today. 

We, as a school district staff, are in our homes, as directed, ready to assist you in any way possible. 

Corona Virus Information / Update
March 13th Fort Recovery Local Schools’ Update during the Governor DeWine School Closure 

We received guidance from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Paolo DeMaria, this morning. During this state of emergency in Ohio, the expectation from the Ohio Department of Education is to have local school districts care for the development of the students using some form of alternate learning method. Fort Recovery Schools and the other six Mercer County Schools have a unified plan to provide virtual instruction during the closure period. 

Therefore, as previously reported, all K-12 students will report for school on Monday, March 16th for the last traditional school day in March of 2020. On Monday, our staff will share more information on the delivery of remote instruction, confirm specific login and password codes, and distribute chromebooks for home usage to grades 3-8. 

Tuesday, March 17th will be E-Day #2 and Wednesday, March 18th will be E-Day #3. Our staff will be at school and available for interaction for the E-Day lessons. They will also begin planning for Emergency Remote Learning starting on Thursday, March 19th. Emergency Remote Learning information is similar to E-Days but is more sustainable for the 12 school day period following the two remaining E-Days. Teachers will be available for responsive interaction during the normal school day hours only to assist our students with ERL. 

Further information related to co-curricular and extra-curricular practices / events will be shared once we have additional guidance from the Ohio High School Athletic Association. All Fort Recovery school facilities are closed for school related activities and non-school related activities from 3:30 p.m. on Monday, March 16th through and including Friday, April 3rd. This includes the closure of the Student Activity Center located at the high school. 

Plans for food services for free/ reduced lunch students during the closure are currently being developed. We know that our application to ODE for a pick-up lunch for free/ reduced lunch students will not be submitted until next week. Therefore, we know that this service will not be available for E-Day #2 and E-Day #3. 

We are limiting the access to the school buildings throughout the closure/ ERL phase. As always, please check into the office immediately upon your arrival on campus. We truly understand that this month will be challenging for all of us. 

Based on my eight months of experiences in our school district as your superintendent, I am confident that we can collectively make the most out of this situation for the benefit of all of our students.   
Corona Virus Information / Update

Today, Thursday, March 12, 2020, Governor DeWine conducted an afternoon press conference. As an ADMIN Team, we listened together to the live speech at the end of our school day. We had no advance notice of his "three week school closure" announcement. Governor DeWine mentioned an extended spring break, but also talked about distance learning and online learning as part of his presentation.

Therefore, I can clarify what we know as a school district at this time.
1. Parent/ Teacher Conferences are being held this evening.
2. There is no school, tomorrow, Friday, March 13th as the 2019-2020 calendar reflects.
3. We will have school K-12 for all students on Monday, March 16th.
Preschool students will follow regular Monday schedule. Green Section, 4-day Blue, Purple, and Orange students, and any students that were assigned a make-up day on Monday, March 16th. Contact your preschool teacher with any questions.
4. Starting Tuesday, March 17th, students will not report to school at the directive of the Ohio Governor.

Additional information will be available on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram related to Fort Recovery school attendance beyond Monday. We should receive additional guidance from the Governor and the Ohio Department of Education tomorrow and Monday.

A One Call was issued around 4:30 PM today as well. If you are not signed up for One Call, please make sure you do so at this time.

Corona Virus Information / Update
On Thursday, March 12, 2020, we produced a video designed to share information related to FRLS planning for the Coronavirus. We ask that all students, parents and staff members view the brief video by clicking on the following link:
2019-2020 Winter Parent / Teacher Conference
NEW Progress Book Login for Students
1) Go to
2) click on "ProgressBook / Parent & Student" under the "Parents/Students" tab on the top menu.
3) Students: click on the button "Students Sign in with Google (Your username and password will match your network login at school.)
    Parents:  You will continue to use the original green "Sign in" button as you have in the past
Fort Recovery Local Schools Receives Highest Possible Rating of Meets Requirements for 2019 ODE Special Education Report
Every year, our district receives a rating on the performance of our special education program.  The Ohio Department of Education uses final data that our district submits through the Education Management Information System (EMIS). This data results in one of four ratings - Meets Requirements, Needs Assistance, Needs Intervention, or Needs Substantial Intervention
Fort Recovery's 2019 Special Education Rating is Meets Requirements.  The primary basis of this rating is the final special education program data our district submitted through EMIS for the 2017-2018 school year. 
The 2019 rating assessed our performance on the following compliance measures:
  • Math proficiency rate for students with disabilities across all grades (indicator 3c)
  • Reading proficiency rate for students with disabilities across all grades (indicator 3c)
  • Third grade reading proficiency rate for students with disabilities (indicator 3c)
  • Disproportionality in discipline rates (indicator 4b)
  • Disproportionality in special education (indicator 9)
  • Disproportionality in specific disability categories (indicator 10)
  • Initial evaluation timelines (indicator 11)
  • Early childhood transition (indicator 12)
  • Secondary transition planning (indicator 13)
  • Timely correction of noncompliance (indicator 20)
  • Timely and accurate data reporting (indicator 20)
  • Special education audit findings. 

Congratulations to our students and staff for this rating of high compliance and achievement.  

Coaching Position: JV and Freshman Boys Basketball Coaches
Coach the JV or Freshman Boys Basketball Team. Assist the head coach as directed.
Will require certification in First Aid, CPR, Fundementals of Coaching class, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and Concussion training. 
To apply: email Athletic Director Brent Niekamp at [email protected]   
Parking Lot Repair ** Attention Parents **
On Wednesday, September 4 & Thursday, September 5 the back Bus parking lot will be closed for repairs.  The school buses and cars will both utilize the front parking lot. In the morning, please allow the buses time to drop off the students and extra room to maneuver through the parking lot.  For the afternoon dismissal, school staff will stop the vehicles before entering the parking lot to allow all of the buses to enter first. We anticipate that this will cause some backup and traffic concerns, we plan to work with the Ft. Recovery Police Department to help ease traffic congestion.  For these 2 days, we would appreciate if you would wait to pick your child up until 3:25.
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